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Kitchen Haven

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Kitchen Renovations — Winnipeg, MANITOBA

Kitchen Haven

The goal for this kitchen was to create a warm, inviting, functional space that respected the architecture of this character home. Blending comfort, function, multiple different task zones while navigating structural changes made for a fun and challenging design exercise!

Thoughtfully blending old with new for this over 100 year old home, we focussed on respecting the bones of the existing house while designing a new kitchen with modern amenities.

Brimming with family, this kitchen also needed to function as an office, living area, two dining areas, bar, and more. This meant making space to house several different seating areas. Its unique shape offered a “U-shape/wrap around” layout where one wing of the kitchen was unseen from the other side. This divided up the space nicely and aided in separating the programs within the kitchen.

The end result became a warm, inviting, bright, happy kitchen that serves as a space for this whole family to come together each day.

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