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5 Tips to a Successful Winnipeg Renovations Project

You've got a great location in or around Winnipeg and solid construction, but you just can't place your finger on what to improve. You start to think of one renovations project, which naturally leads to another, and another. The way to describe your home? It's got potential but is in need of a whole home renovation.

When it comes to renovations in Winnipeg, the market is competitive and the right design build company can ensure project success is both manageable and fully achievable when it’s time to make your dream home a reality.

There are many motivations when it comes to complete home renovation. If you've landed a fixer-upper or neglected property for a bargain price, you may have had an idea of the scope of the home renovations project from the moment you walked in the door. But for others, it takes some time to live in a space for a while before you begin to realize what kind of potential there is within your existing home. Whatever the case is, there are a few things to consider before you embark on your renovations.

1. Does your Home Have Good Bones?

When considering a renovation on your entire home in Winnipeg, there are aspects of our Canadian prairie environment to keep in mind, such as changes in seasonal temperature fluctuations that can affect your foundation and doors and window fittings, along with how your foundation fares with our water table. As points out, if the foundation is solid and the structure is sound, your house has good bones!

2. A Satisfying Budget for Your Renos

Choosing the scope of the project can be an intimate and intense decision. The major concern of both the homeowner and the Winnipeg renovations company should be ultimate project satisfaction. This happens when the project fulfills a dream within the expected financial parameters—no surprises. Return on investment can be a significant reassurance when it comes to selecting which projects to undertake in the project. In the Winnipeg renovations market, there are notable projects that give back what you put into them if you are planning a sale of the home. Check out this article on which home renovations provide the most return on at the point of resale on, or one of our own articles; What Renovation Adds to Home Value. You will see there are very few Winnipeg renovations projects that return lower than 50 percent, and quite a few that return almost their full investment.

Even if you aren't planning a resale in the near future, knowing that you've achieved your dream space in addition to making sound financial decisions that affect the value of your home can help put your mind at ease. In Winnipeg, renovations are on the rise as housing prices continue their upward trend. Read more about how we can help you tackle House Renovations in Winnipeg here!

3. Your Winnipeg Renovations Company Reputation

The market for renos in Winnipeg and Manitoba is the busiest it's ever been, but one thing about this city never changes—everybody knows everybody. We're really a small town at heart and word travels fast in the Winnipeg renovations world. You will want to quickly get to know who you're talking to and how they measure up in the whole home renovations industry in the ‘Peg. It is important to have a source that clearly lays out a company's qualifications, like our About page! And when you've got your heart set on completing a full vision encompassing living area renovation, kitchen reno, dining overhaul, master bedroom with ensuite, family bathroom, and full basement renovation, you are going to be pulling from the expertise of entire teams of people.

Throughout the renovation, the design build company and how they work with their own network of construction and trades contacts means the difference between disaster and achieving a gorgeous, cohesive look, eliminating costly errors, staying on budget and sticking within the project timeframe. Whether your Winnipeg renovations company of choice works with a variety of subcontracts, or offers a multitude of services under one design build company like we do (check out all our client services here, you have a right to expect that the company you select works well with all others involved in your project.

You should always check out testimonials and Google Reviews to see if the Winnipeg home renovation company you are considering puts up any red flags. The reputation of a the reno business should be easy to find and, while it's encouraged that you do your own research for referrals, testimonials from previous clients should be readily available without having to look far at all. Not to brag, but a quick look at our home page should reveal customer feedback with just one click, like we do. Easy to read and a substantial amount of good reviews over a wide spectrum of projects—that's what you want to see! Click here to see our Testimonials page, an example of what a premier Winnipeg home renovations company should be!

4. Solid Home and Interior Ideas

Interior design has become as open minded as the open concepts so popular in living areas these days. Winnipeg renovation ideas are no longer subject to the constraints of traditional design. The sky is the limit as far as era, materials, colour and more! A solid understanding of dreams and ideas can help both homeowner and design build company achieve the most successful renovation. Taking a look through magazines or online galleries, such as the one we have on our website here, will help greatly toward solidifying ideas so that your Winnipeg home renovations team can help turn them into plans. You can also check out our work on our Houzz profile. "Before and After" style comparisons can also give you an idea of what is achievable from various "before" states. Our "Before and After" feature gallery here can be really inspiring! From gourmet kitchens to lifestyle basements, spa bathrooms to wine cellars, try to identify as many main luxury features you desire as possible before meeting with your Winnipeg home renovations expert.

For the most current design trends of renovations in Winnipeg and other North American cities, take a look through House and Home's and Good Housekeeping's design trends.

5. Surviving Your Winnipeg Renovation

Turning your renovation dreams into reality takes an abundance of trust and we don't mind returning that trust with some reassurance. Yes, you CAN have the whole home renovation you've been dreaming of and we can help you plan on how to get there. Just like Architectural Digest says in their article, A Pro's Secrets to Surviving Your Whole House Renovation, "Renovations take a lot of patience and perseverance ..." You can plan as much as you can ahead of time—and we can help!—so that when the kitchen is under construction, you have thought of a place to wash your dishes. And when there is going to be a lot of mess, you are prepared for it and may even have planned yourself a mini-vacation to help you adjust to being out of your own space for a while. With a little preparation, you'll find your renovation flies by with as few unexpected twists and turns as possible and your dream home renovation become a reality!


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