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Searching online for Contractors

Searching Online for Contractors – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

The first step for many is to search online for designers and builders. I agree that this is a wise route to follow, but I also must inform you that this system is flawed ... Read More read searching online for contractors
Are Builders Able to Operate Article

Are Home Builders Able to Operate? – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

Are the good qualified professional renovators and builders out there working and able to operate?' The good news for you is, 'yes, we are!' ... Read More read builders able to operate
Winnipeg Home Maintenance Article

Home Maintenance – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

This is the perfect time to look at some of those home maintenance issues that perhaps get put on hold or forgotten about as we go through the ... Read More read winnipeg home maintenance
Team Building for Renovation

Renovation Team Building – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

Great team management had been put into place in order to win. Developing my company has been along the same lines ... Read More read renovation team building
Renovation Project Price Article

Renovation Project Price – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

When it comes to the price for your renovation project, how do you really know what you're getting ... Read More
Project Managers or Builders Article

Project Managers or Custom Builders? – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

On any given week, I typically visit at least five potential project meetings. Basically, the meet and greet is to determine if we as the builder and you as the client are ... Read More read project managers or builders
Unscrupulous Reno Firms

Unscrupulous Reno Firms – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

Wayne Sage points out some of the "too good to be true flags" you should look for to avoid the following tragic situation ... Read More read unscrupulous renovation firms
River's Edge Renovation Article

River's Edge Revival – Canadian Contractor Magazine

This project in Winnipeg started out as an interior renovation of a 1960s era bungalow. It ended up being a major structural rebuild ... Read More read rivers edge revival
Custom Builder - Looking to Next Year

Winnipeg Custom Builder - Looking to Next Year – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

The time to start planning is now! It may seem like there's lot of time and you can put it off longer, but fall is the perfect time for planning any renovations you may want to do in 2019 ... Read More read custom builder next year
Interior Designer Credit

Credit to Interior Designers – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

Although we are the builders of these outstanding spaces, in the end we are merely facilitators of the incredible vision of a professional interior designer ... Read More read interior designer credit
Exterior Finishes for the Home

Home Exterior Finishes – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

As we now move into spring and the outdoor season it's time to take a look at the exterior of our homes from a maintenance perspective, and just as important, is it time to ... Read More read home exterior finishes
Where to begin your reno project

Where to Begin Your Reno Project – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

If you are like many of my clients, you spent some time over holidays discussing the renovation you would like to do to some or all of your home, and many of you may have even decided to ... Read More read where to begin your reno project
Taking Time to Plan Article

Taking Time to Plan Your Kitchen – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

Looking back on their newly renovated kitchen and mudroom in their century old Crescentwood home, Elizabeth and Allan are glad they took their time in the planning and research stage ... Read More read taking time to plan
Ask the right questions Article

Ask the Right Renovation Questions – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

With the growth in popularity of the home renovation market, I'm very happy to see that today's consumer is much better educated and involved with their projects. Great work has been done by ... Read More read ask the right questions
Bathroom Reno Article

The Bathroom Reno – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

Second only to the kitchen renovation for most popular project in the home and falling in line with the old saying, 'kitchens and bathrooms sell houses,' the bathroom reno is ... Read More read bathroom renovation
Select Right Contractor

How to Select the Right Contractor – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

The process of building a new home is quite straightforward when compared to the renovation process. The complexities of a major renovation require a vast amount of knowledge and ... Read More read select the right contractor

Home Renovation Timelines – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

After 'how much will it cost' and 'do you do free estimates' (which we will address in future articles), the next biggest questions I am asked are 'how long will it take' and 'when can you start?' ... Read More read renovation timelines
Cash Deal Contractor

The Cash Deal Contractor – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

We hear about this all the time in the renovation industry and after 40 years of being in the business I still don't understand what the attraction of the cash deal is to the consumer ... Read More read cash deal contractor
Proper Project Planning

Proper Project Planning – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

Someone Recently asked me how long I had been a builder and doing home renovations and when the answer came out at forty years, I think it shocked me more than anyone else ... Read More read proper project planning
Award Winnipeg Home

Award Winning and Life Enhancing – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

Harwood Design Builders continues to rack up industry awards for excellence in home renovations bestowed by the Manitoba Home Builders Association. For 2015, among its other three ... Read More read award winning home

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