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New Home Construction Winnipeg

Your home is a sacred place. It's where your kids gather with friends, play games and have slumber parties; and where you enjoy bar-b-ques, dinner parties and Sunday dinners. Your home is where life is lived and memories are created.

When it comes to a renovation vs new home construction there is a tipping point at which the cost to do the renovation and getting value for your dollar exceeds what can be achieved by tearing down and building new.

Building your new home is an incredibly exciting process. This is your chance to get the home of your dreams! Harwood will build 2-3 new custom homes per year for select clients. At Harwood we consider new home construction like the creation of a dream. It takes time and careful planning and we employ our new home planning strategy. Harwood is an expert at guiding you through this process and where we excel.

Our goal is for you is an 'issue free' build of a truly custom home. One that you will not see down the street or across town. Harwood homes are singular and unique, custom designed and built to the highest level to stand the test of time. Homes that are industry proven to increase resale value when it’s time to sell.

We will undertake the complete general contracting, design and construction services and take you from selecting your lot to designing your building plans, acquiring all of the required zoning and permits, constructing your home, designing your interior, selecting materials and finishing.

View our gallery to see our new Winnipeg homes.


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