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Your home is a sacred place. It's where your kids gather with friends, play games and have slumber parties; and where you enjoy bar-b-ques, dinner parties and Sunday dinners. Your home is where life is lived and memories are created. We understand how important your new home construction in Manitoba is and that is why we provide only the best quality and design.

Building your new home is an incredibly exciting process. This is your chance to get the home of your dreams! Harwood will build 2-3 new custom homes per year for select clients. At Harwood we consider new home construction like the creation of a dream. It takes time and careful planning and we employ our new home planning strategy. A simple four step process that includes:

  1. Plan for perfection
  2. Coordinate for minimal displacement
  3. Communicate clearly
  4. Deliver an award winning renovation

There are many smaller steps in between of course, but these four steps are at the core of our home building strategy.

We will undertake the complete general contracting, design and construction services and take you from selecting your lot to designing your building plans, acquiring all of the required zoning and permits, constructing your home, designing your interior, selecting materials and finishing.

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Here's what John and Mary-Jane had to say about her Winnipeg home renovation project:

"Here we are nearing the end of phase three in our renovation project. It has been a long and winding road but I need to tell you how pleased we are with the workmanship and service that Harwood Design has delivered.

Renovations always take longer than expected and they invariably unearth unexpected surprises, seldom pleasant ones.

Tony, and Jeff, and you yourself were unfailingly pleasant and helpful through it all. Tony's meticulous attention to detail is evident in the beautiful craftsmanship of the cabinetry. Jeff is amazing in the number of skills he brings to the job and his willingness to tackle any problem. Most appreciated also is the fact that they cleaned up every trace of mess each night before they went home. This is a really big deal when one is living in the renovation. We also very much appreciated the way you accounted for the expenses and billing. It was very easy to follow and understand.

Our finished areas are beautiful and we are very pleased. More important, we know that underneath the pretty surfaces the construction is solid and the sins of the past have been uncovered and corrected.

Thank you for the special effort you made to make our house livable throughout the entire process. Tell Tony and Jeff thanks from us. We are going to miss them."

John and Mary-Jane H.


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