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Harwood Home Renovations in Winnipeg

Why Trust Your Home to the Most Awarded Home Renovations Company in Winnipeg?

Turning to a company you can trust is one of the most critical decisions when considering home renos. The last thing you want is to demo a room or tear out the flooring and find out the company you chose isn’t up to the task. At Harwood we don’t build homes to win awards we win awards because the homes we renovate in Winnipeg are top shelf! From quality materials to our outstanding craftsmen who drive the last nail. But it’s not JUST about the outstanding home you get to live in after all is said and done. It’s about the process:

  • Transparent budget development
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Full disclosure invoices and accounting
  • Schedule adherence
  • Two year warranty
  • And the lasting relationships and happy customers who are more than happy to bend an ear and tell you all their experience

That’s what makes the difference between, just living through a home renovation in Winnipeg, and collaborating, creating and ultimately thriving in the home of your dreams.

Harwood Home Renovations Services

Before You Get Started, ask yourself, ‘Should I do a home renovation on my Winnipeg home or should I build new?

To build a new home or do some home renovations to an existing home, is a question we get asked often. Unfortunately the answer is not as simple as 'Build' or 'Renovate'. It really depends on your unique circumstance. But what we do know is that a home reno will typically take less time and cost less money than building brand new. Of course, if you're restoring a century old home (or older), there can be significant complications with the basic infrastructure (wiring, foundations, etc.), than can add up pretty quickly if you’ve decided on a home renovation. In such a case building new may be the better option. So you can see there are many factors involved in this complicated question.

We’ve seen Winnipeggers investing in their properties in the past 10 years, with a huge spike through the COVID-19 Pandemic. And while renovations to your Winnipeg home is a big undertaking the Harwood crew will make your reno project happen as skillfully and painlessly as you can imagine. Just ask our many clients! Louis, used a few of the following adjectives to describe our team:

  • knights in shining armour
  • creative, positive
  • wonderful craftsman team and professionals
  • perfect in all ways

Every detail of renovating your home, as one client put it, will be "nothing short of world class." Our integrated design-build process will ensure you're not displaced from any particular place in your home for any longer than absolutely necessary. We will communicate with you regularly on our progress with your home renovations, budget considerations, and bring your attention to any issues or challenges along the way. The interior designers we work with will create a space you'll be thrilled to live in and enjoy with your friends and family. The Harwood approach to designing and renovating award winning Winnipeg homes is a very simple four-step process.

Our 4-Steps to Quality Renovations for Winnipeg Home Owners

  1. Plan for perfection
  2. Coordinate for minimal displacement
  3. Communicate clearly
  4. Deliver an award winning home renovation in Winnipeg

There are many smaller steps in between of course, but these four steps are at the core.

View our gallery to see some great Winnipeg home renovations.

We invite you to check out this article for more information on, How to Select the Right Renovations Contractor for Your Home, to help you with your decision. If you have ANY questions CONTACT us.


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