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Heritage Renovations and Restoration

The complexity of restoring and/or renovating heritage homes is often understated but Harwood recognizes and has experience in heritage renovations and restorations restoring your home to its original beauty or providing a modern appeal if you so desire.

Some of the unique considerations for heritage renovations and restorations include:

  • Painting Historic Interiors - Harwood will review and document what type of paint to use on plaster walls and ceilings; wooden doors, molding, and trim; and metal items such as radiators and railings. They also consider the potential health and safety concerns of stripping old paints or applying new oil/alkyd paints.
  • Heating, Ventilation and Cooling Systems - The need for modern mechanical systems is one of the most common reasons to restore and/or renovate an historic home. Harwood considers not only the occupant comfort but also how new HVAC systems may affect the historic building. i.e., how vibrations of new larger equipment can affect the structure; introduction of moisture into the building as part of new systems may migrate into historic materials and cause damage, etc.
  • Roofing for Historic Buildings - The roof is basic to the preservation of the structure and Harwood will work to repair and/or replace it as required whether it's clay, slate, wood shingles, sheet metal, etc.
  • Preservation and Repair of Historic Stucco - Harwood will consider what type of materials were used in the original stucco, consider the stucco finish and application method as well as whether simple repair can be done of if it require replacement.

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These are only a few of the things Harwood looks at before embarking on Heritage renovations and restorations. It is a complex process that requires the experience and knowledge of professionals.

"Harwood was the contractor who removed and rebuilt the stairs in our 1940's home. He had drawings to follow, but also had sound advice on the best scenario for our remodeling. As we decided to be our head contractors, Wayne was gracious to sit and discuss our project and educate us on the process and possible resources available. Our renovation included more than the stairs Wayne and his tradesmen worked on. Wayne was professional, punctual and courteous. He showed genuine interest by dropping in to see what could be done with the resources he had available at given times.

Qualities that we found in Wayne and his business are: organized, efficient, positive, realistic, up front, knowledgeable. One of the most valued attributes of Harwood Design builders is the great tradesmen' that work for Wayne. Everyone who Wayne brought in our house was courteous and forth-right. They were experienced and self-motivated. They showed respect and kindness.

We are proud of our project. We would recommend Wayne and his company with high regard."

Rick U. and Barb E.


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