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Plan To Build A Cottage The Right Way

Your cottage is as important as your primary residence in most cases it's your hideaway from real life. It may be the place you spend your summer, or maybe it's your retirement or hunting cabin, regardless, building or renovating a cottage is not an easy task, it requires expertise and design finesse.

Harwood has extensive experience building quality homes for Manitoba and Saskatchewan families, which comes with unique challenges. Challenges including:

  • The terrain of the area. Often it's not like building on a city property. The terrain can be rocky, hilly, steep inclines, lakes, streams, trees, etc. All of these require special planning during construction and for the final structure.
  • Limited Access/Services: Newly created cottage subdivisions usually don't have full electrical services or water services, necessitating coordination and planning with local service providers and/or using generators to build the cottage. Some are so remote or with an island location requiring an entire planning process just to get in to do the work.
  • Building Materials: Many new cottage subdivisions have strict requirements regarding the building materials that can be used, where sewer tanks can be located, water acquisition and disposal.

These are only a few of the unique situations building and/or renovating a cottage can present. Starting with the design you should ensure you are getting the best possible exposures for your cottage with appropriate positioning on the lot, quantity and positioning of windows, decks, etc. are all key to ensure you enjoy every aspect of your vacation property.

Harwood's full time interior designer will maximize every inch of your cottage and lot. Creating wonderful childhood memories, the promise of relaxation and the opportunity to distress. We know how you can get the most from natural sunlight morning, noon and night. We know how to use the landscape to create harmony in your environment. And we know how to work in sometimes remote and challenging landscapes.

From the coast of BC to the pristine lakes of Manitoba, we've had the honour of making cottage dreams a reality of over twenty-five years!

View our gallery for pictures on heritage renovations and restorations.


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