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Winnipeg Window Replacement

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Winnipeg Window Replacement

If the statute of limitations has not run out by publication time, allow me to wish you all the Happiest of New Years. We’ve all been through a lot and hopefully 2022 will bring us back to a better life than what we have been experiencing.

As we all know, so much time spent at home has had a lot of homeowners considering and moving forward with renovations. After the kitchen, bathrooms and the new kid on the block – the home office, the next top renovation (considering the recent cold weather) is window replacement. But are all windows equal?

The answer to that is an emphatic no! At last count, there were a little over 50 window manufacturers in Winnipeg alone and that doesn’t include the national name brands we have all grown familiar with. You really have to know what you’re looking for and do some research (or retain a professional renovator who possesses this knowledge), to get the proper windows for your home.

The Frame

While wood frame windows are still being used, especially in some of our character heritage houses, PVC is the most common window on the market these days, with fiberglass running a close second. For a number of reasons, my preference is the fiberglass window frame. But even with that, all frames are not the same, each having critical performance capabilities.


The opening devices that operate your windows are very critical to the long-term performance of your windows. The quality of these devices has a huge range, much like anything else.


Terms like dual pane, triple pane, low-E, argon and sealed units can be confusing and knowing what you need can be difficult to determine. Windows also have climate zone ratings, so you need to know your climate zone in order to purchase the right windows. I have witnessed local shops selling windows at low prices, but they don’t meet our climate zone requirements. Be aware that while the walls of your house are likely preforming in the R-30 area, all those window openings in your home are R-5 at best, maybe R-6, so installing the best windows you can makes a huge difference, especially to your heating bill.


You really need to look at the warranty of the windows you choose. How long and what exactly is warrantied is critical to your purchase. Some don't have warranties if they are not installed by certain approved installers. How long is the sealed unit under warranty, as well as the hardware, the frame and the weather stripping? Windows can be a huge investment, so the warranty you’re offered should be reviewed in depth before any purchase.

This topic could go on for pages as there is so much material to cover, but hopefully this brief overview underscores the importance of knowing what kind of windows you’re purchasing. Every salesperson out there will tell you that their windows are the best and a hundred reasons why in order to get your business. My best advice is do your own thorough research, or as I always suggest, hire a professional renovator to guide you through, as we have spent years learning all you need to know to make an independent informed decision.

Stay well and stay safe.


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