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The Winnipeg Bathroom Evolution: From "Blah" to "Spa"

Finally the spa bathroom you deserve

Bathrooms have come a long way. Once considered an out-of-the-way necessity, many people now consider their bathroom as serving a higher function. Your bath can do a whole lot more than just get you clean.

When your bathroom is more than just a bathroom, it becomes a place for true relaxation, a peaceful and foundational place, where you can retreat from–or prepare for–your busy life.

So many of us have those builder grade basic bathrooms that, while being perfectly functional, certainly lack a little something. If you are aiming to bring true luxury and relaxation to your bathroom renovation, you might be in need of a professional Winnipeg design-builder to come make your dream spa bathroom renovation in Winnipeg come true.

The bath and shower are often still the main features of a bathroom or spa renovation and, as such, are deserving of major consideration.

Today's possibilities in Winnipeg high-end bathroom redesign are endless. A freestanding white porcelain tub with an asymmetrical line is pleasing to the eye. The unique trend toward stainless steel trough-like tubs embodies the rustic chic look while providing the perfect soak.

Rain showers have evolved, too. A waterfall feature truly recreates a tropical escape with sensations of warmth streaming over your shoulders and back, washing away tension and the stresses of the day. Multiple showerheads with varying angles and flow speed create the ultimate speed-wash for a quick morning rinse.

If you have the space, bench seating in your tile walk-in shower is an exceptional choice. It creates room for grooming, as well as the ultimate comfort as it replicates the wet-sauna experience. There's just something about showering in a space that could also accommodate a string quartet, you know, should you ever desire it.

Now here is where it gets fun. Incredible bathroom features are taking the world by storm, yes, even right here in Winnipeg bathroom renovations. "Bathroom time" has changed from a quick get in-get out routine, to a place to linger and luxuriate.

Bring in the band! All joking about a string quartet aside, today you can have your tunes as you groom. From a waterproof iPod dock in the shower, to an all-out entertainment centre and flat screen TV next to the soaker tub, you can enjoy your jam, or your shows, as you get ready or relax.

And relaxation is increasingly sought after and achieved through lavish spa bathroom enhancements. Same-level entry or step down into any size or shape of bath, a soaker tub is still highly sought after. These days, the size, shape, and materials used for your ultimate bathtub can vary widely. Ornate or tastefully simple. Ceramic, tile or stone. One-person, two-person or more. Direct jets to target sore muscles or customize the speed and direction of gentler currents. Your jetted tub, hot tub, or soaker tub should deliver on ultimate relaxation.

Imagine heated flooring under your feet in front of your, his and hers sinks and a set of framed, lighted, no-fog mirrors.

Important as ever, lighting options abound, from ornate chandeliers, to industrial track or pendant lighting – or even a nouveau art-deco light, soft and becoming, radiating from a disc on the wall.

Towel warming drawers or racks, a fridge for cooling face creams, chromatherapy (lighting for water in sinks, tubs, or showers), and–let's not forget–a simple, yet soothing fireplace, are all features available to consider.

Even a bidet, a formerly European idea, can now be found in many common bathrooms, even in Winnipeg spa bathrooms!

Perhaps bathrooms have the truest ability of any room, to impact the way we feel about ourselves. As we gaze into the mirror, we are affected not only by our own reflection, but what we see around it.

More than ever, you have the ability to change your spaces to reflect who you want to be. Do you want to be more confident, or powerful? Do you crave peace, and a breath of fresh air? Do you see yourself as contemporary, traditional, or truly revolutionary?

Stunning interior design is no longer limited to shared spaces and bedrooms. It spills over into the bathroom with the ability to deliver a space that truly grounds you and your home.

Your dream home in Winnipeg should incorporate a dream bathroom. Harwood Design Builders is Winnipeg's luxury design company, with an award-winning renovations team backed by the training and experience to achieve your unique bathroom interior design dream.

Choose the best Winnipeg home design and construction company for your Winnipeg spa bathroom makeover.

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