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Winnipeg Home Office Renovations

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered many lives and industries and the Winnipeg renovations industry continues to boom. Lockdowns in 2020/2021 meant people spent more time indoors and being cooped up inside led many to see their house differently. The home became a place to not only live and sleep, but also a place to work, exercise, and spend extended amounts of time. This shift has seen a literal boom in DIY home renos and in the contracting of Winnipeg renovations companies to improve and enhance our living spaces. Renovations range from minor things like painting a room or replacing flooring to major structural changes like knocking down walls or full-on home renos like additions to increase living space and converting basements to accommodate independent living for adult children or aging parents.

RE/MAX Canada reported an increase in renovations with more than half of Canadians renovating their homes in 2020 with plans to continue living in it. Additionally, 16% of Canadians renovated to increase the market value of their homes with intentions to sell. This reflects the shift in lifestyle as a result of the pandemic. Many people saw the imperfections of their existing home in Winnipeg, and took time and money (they would have otherwise spent on travel, dining, entertaining, etc.,) as an opportunity to renovate by fixing, upgrading and expanding. Others renovated and remodeled their homes to create new space for offices, home gyms, and finished basement spaces. All of this activity during and post pandemic has resulted in an astounding rise in Winnipeg renovations resulting in increased lumber prices and shortages of all types of products used in renos.

4 Common Winnipeg Renovations Taking Place

  1. Separating Spaces
    With the increase in multigenerational homes and with kids moving back home amidst the pandemic, there was an increase in the home renos required to have separate spaces. Separating larger rooms creates functional spaces and offers privacy. Separation is also a good way to maintain work, sleep, and play boundaries to maintain focus and healthy habits. Separation is achieved by installing walls, half walls, shelving, barn doors, shutters, curtains, and by separating rooms through elevated or sunken levels.

  2. Additions
    During and after long lockdowns space is a much-needed amenity. When rooms feel cramped, additions can be used to create new spaces. Sunrooms and four-season rooms are a popular addition that give you all the benefits of being outdoors with none of the bugs, rain, or snow. Outdoor additions such as decks and patios were also popular for similar reasons. Bump outs and new rooms create more interior space to utilize and dedicate to things such as home gyms and office spaces.

  3. Multipurpose Rooms
    While some might want to separate spaces, multipurpose spaces have also become essential for many during the pandemic. When space is tight, making the most of every room is essential. Renovating open plan rooms to serve many purposes helps maximize efficiency in the household and bring the entire family together. Also, combining spaces like a family room and kids home learning and study area have reinvented our environments.

  4. Popular Home Renovations - Multipurpose study area / family room
  5. Kitchens Reinvented
    During the pandemic the kitchen has become one of the most versatile spaces with many using it as a temporary work space while they work from home. For many families, the kitchen is no longer just a place for cooking but also serves as a ‘headquarters’ to organize and socialize. Winnipeg kitchen renovations have been a popular option for many who are renovating during the pandemic. Many are updating outdated kitchens, adding space for easier accessibility, and incorporating built in high-tech appliances.

4 Altered Priorities of a COVID-19 Shaped Future in Interior Design and Home Renovations in Winnipeg

Things are not so different today as they were during other historical crises where interior design and home renovations were shaped by world events including health crises. For example, in the 1920’s amidst a flu pandemic it was a trend to add powder rooms or bathrooms on the main floor to allow guests to wash their hands when entering the home. It is reasonable then that post COVID-19 we will see forever lasting Winnipeg home renovations trends to reflect our altered priorities including:

  1. Shifting Lifestyle
    Before the pandemic we lived on the go, but now that we have all been forced to slow down, many are investing in their home and personalizing their spaces like never before.

  2. Working From Home
    Post pandemic, many businesses will continue to let their employees work from home. Offices and dedicated work spaces will be a key to productive work-from-home situations. Winnipeg renovations that include home offices are sure to be a trend that continues into the future.

  3. Improved Technology
    There has been and will continue to be a trend of technological integration into home renovations with touchless and voice activated appliances. Technology in home design adds ease to daily life and improves cleanliness.

  4. Environmental Considerations
    Headlines about climate change and natural disasters throughout the pandemic also have important implications for the future of home design and renovations in Winnipeg. Making durable and secure homes that can be a sanctuary is critical to weathering the storms ahead.

Conclusion – Winnipeg Home Renovations Post Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way people look at their homes and is changing the way we renovate them. Common Winnipeg renovations such as separating spaces, additions, multipurpose rooms, and kitchen renos have increased in popularity since the pandemic and will continue to have strong relevancy in the future. Emerging trends due to shifting lifestyles, working from home, improved technology, and environmental considerations will no doubt influence post pandemic renovations further.


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