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It’s Time to Thank Our Interior Designers

Thank Winnipeg home designers

This edition of Home Decor & Renovations magazine highlights all of the great renovation projects that have been built and submitted for consideration in the RenoMark awards over the past year by members of the Manitoba Home Builders' Association. As a judge of this type of competition across the country I can tell you without a doubt that the projects completed in Manitoba are among some of the best in Canada. I am proud to be a member of the MHBA and to work along with this group of companies that deliver at the level we find in these entries.

Having said that, even the very best of us who adhere to schedules, have the highest of quality standards, ensure client's needs are met and manage projects to such successful conclusions are in the end mere instruments of the knowledge and vision of the professional designer. So, when I say Manitoba places amongst some of the best projects in the country, what I'm truly saying is that Manitoba also enjoys the talents of some incredible interior decorators, professional interior designers, structural designers and architects.

When considering your project be it kitchen/bathroom reno, addition or full-blown gut and rebuild, these are the individuals that are best suited to guide you through to your dreams. Teamed with an MHBA renovation builder who brings their own set of talents and perspectives to the table, you have a formidable team at work to deliver your dream project.

Why is this so important to you? A professional design not only produces your dreams and desires but for the builder delivers us a full set of plans, documents and specifications that are the cornerstone to quicker permits, better budgets, less cost overruns and less questions and changes throughout the project, as most items are addressed in advance by a complete set of plans.

So, who do you need for your project? Think in terms of project scope. Curtains and colours, interior decorators. Re-allocation of rooms, kitchens, special features etc., professional interior designer. Moving walls and additions or rebuilds, structural designer along with interior designer. Large new complex home or major projects you should start looking into the architect world.

Thanks design world for all you do!

Stay well and stay safe.


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