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What Renovation Adds the Most Value to A House?

What Renovation Adds the Most Value to A House

People renovate their homes for a lot of reasons but often if the home is decades old it just becomes time – things start to become worn, broken and sometimes dangerous. It can also be a good investment to renovate because it can add more value to your property. Before you jump into a reno, make sure you investigate your options and make sure it's worth every penny.

What renovation adds the most value to a house? Garage door replacements can add more value to your home. Deck addition and manufacturing stone veneer will surely ace up your property value to the maximum level. These are only a few of the best renovations to add value to a house.

There are plenty of change and update to get higher than average returns. In this short read, you will be able to figure out which home renovations can add value to your property.

Best Home Renovations

Whether you plan to live in your house for a long time or just for the short term, it's wise to know what home renovations add the most value. Here are some home improvement projects that can deliver the highest possible returns. It is according to the cost versus value reporting.

Garage Door Replacement
A good-looking garage door is on top of the list right now when it comes to cashback. The average cost for this is $3,611, and the average resale value will be $3,520. The estimate is according to the cost of removing the old door and replacing it with a new four-section garage door. The new garage door will have a heavy-duty galvanized steel tracks. This additional enhancer will get you back most of the dollars you spent when you decide to sell your house.

Manufactured Stone Veneer
Stone veneer has been getting a lot of popularity because of its sophisticated touch. Replacing your old vinyl slider or stucco with stone veneers will create a big curb appeal for your home. The average cost, which is $8,907, will be based on installing 36 linear feet of sills and 40 LF of corners and one address block. This type of cosmetic improvement and accent will give your house an edge for potential buyers and give you nearly 95 percent of your renovation costs.

Minor Kitchen Remodel
Creating a modern style and multi-functional kitchen will add more value to your home. It can boost the enjoyment of everyday activities like cooking and sharing meals with your family. Though, on average, you will most likely recoup a little more than 80% of the cost for this remodeling. The average price for this project will reach up to $20,000 to 50,000 because of the potential replacement of appliances and cabinets.


Overall, there are plenty of home renovation projects that can add value to your house. If you plan to remodel your house, make sure to concentrate on projects that make your home more appealing and on budget. It will attract budget-minded buyers as not all of them has the means to buy expensive ones. Focus on energy efficiency as well as small upgrades that will add character and comfort to your newly renovated home.

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