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What Order Should You Renovate A House?

What Order Should You Renovate A House

Renovating a house can be very overwhelming, especially if it is your first time doing it. There are many things that have to be taken care of if you are doing this project on your own. Things like the overall interior design, ordering materials, contractors, and scheduling. But if you hire a professional renovation or design build firm they will look after all of those details for you. Regardless, the keys to a smooth house renovation are a structured plan and organization.

What order should you renovate a house? If you do not have somewhere to stay temporarily, you may want to consider renovating your home gradually. It is also suggested to first determine if there are any structural problems and start with the foundation. Then, move on to the layout, electricity, plumbing, and outdoor areas.

In this article, we will talk about the major steps in house renovation. We will also explain what order they should be in and why this is so.

Order of Renovation

You do not necessarily have to follow in this particular order. However, this will make things a lot easier for you. Renovating in this order will ensure that everything stays intact and that you do not have to redo certain areas.

Fix the Foundation

First and foremost, the foundation of the house has to be strong and reliable. If there are cracks or holes in the exterior of the home, they should be fixed as soon as possible. Ensure the house is structurally sound and that it will not fall apart once you start renovations inside. Repair any other structural problems, no matter how big or small they might be.

The most important thing is that the house will be safe to live in long after renovations are completed. You do not want the home to look good on the outside but fail and break down from within. It needs to have strong bones. It's kind of like the human body. You may skip meals to stay thin, wear expensive makeup to look good and do other things to take care of your external appearance, but if you eat unhealthy foods, don't exercise and apply toxic chemicals to your body you will most certainly be prone to sickness and even disease.

Overall Layout

The next thing to take care of is the home's overall layout. Perhaps you want to change the rooms' position or size so you might want to add more rooms or add another story. These would require tearing down walls and putting up new ones. This is where you may have a team including a structural engineer, an architect and an interior designer if you decide to reconfigure the space of your home.

Electricity and Plumbing

If you change up the house's layout, you most likely have to do some plumbing and electrical work. Electrical sockets and lines will be removed or moved. reconfiguring bathrooms to different parts of the house will also require changes to the plumbing system.

Even if you do not change the layout, it is best to update your plumbing and electrical systems anyway. Make sure there are no issues with them and that they meet safety standards.

Outdoor Space

The last area you should deal with is the outdoor space. Before you start renovating, decide if you want to have a garden and how big you want it to be. Leave enough space and start working on the backyard area once the house itself is done. You might want to replace the surroundings or just beautify the space.


You do not have to follow this order for your house renovation, but logistically this makes the most sense. The most important things to remember are to plan everything from the start and work with trusted suppliers or an experience contractor to help you get the job done.

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