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What Is Interior Design?

What is Interior Design

The arts are usually criminally underappreciated and undervalued. People tend to forget just how much art is integrated into our daily lives. One specific field that comes to mind for this is interior design.

What is interior design? It is an art and science that weaves together the functionality and aesthetic appeal of space in a building. Interior design is not the same thing as interior decorating, but the two are often used interchangeably.

After you finish reading this article, you will understand what the field of interior design is all about. Aside from this, you will also find out the difference between interior design and interior decorating.

Interior Design: Explained

Interior design makes the most out of a room or a building space and enhances its aesthetic quality. However, it is not just about making the interior of a building look good. The design has to be functional as well. Every aspect of the room has a very specific purpose.

We may not notice it, but interior design affects our lives every single day. The way a room is designed can completely change our mood and how comfortable we feel in that environment. It is how we experience a certain space.

It incorporates different fields of expertise to achieve that perfect design. It needs to combine architecture, textiles, engineering, and lighting. All of these elements are intended to come together to create a beautiful public or private space.

Interior Design vs. Interior Decoration

There is a common misconception that interior design and interior decoration are essentially the same. Interior decoration is a part of interior design, but the latter is more complex. Design is about understanding people’s behavior and how space can affect their behavior. Decoration has more to do with furnishing and embellishing space with paintings, plants, and other decor items.

Specialties In Interior Design

There are two main specialties within the field of interior design. Those specialties are the following:

Residential design is the design of private spaces like homes, apartments, and condominiums. The reason why homes feel so comfortable and cozy is partly due to the design.

Interior designers in this specialty consider the needs of the resident when they plan out the design. Different individuals will have different desires and needs, depending on their situation. Family homes will function and look very different from a bachelor pad, for instance.

Commercial interior design is an incredibly broad field. There are so many commercial spaces, including hotels, restaurants, offices, retail stores, gyms, nightclubs, and more.

All of these commercial buildings require different designs based on their function and purpose. Even these specific spaces will have varied designs. Not every restaurant or hotel looks the same. They will have different architecture and textiles depending on the ambiance they are trying to achieve.


Interior design is such a complex and underrated field in the arts. It plays such a huge role that we ought to recognize the work that gets put into designing spaces.

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