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What Does An Interior Designer Do?

What Does An Interior Designer Do

Have you ever admired the architecture or lighting inside a building? What about the use of color and texture for different structures? All of these are the work of talented interior designers.

What does an interior designer do? Interior design is multidisciplinary. An interior designer plans, conceptualizes, researches, and program designs for building spaces. They wear many hats to enhance the aesthetic and functional qualities of a room.

This article will explain the job description of interior designers and the skills they must possess. We will also talk about some of the fields related to interior design.

Responsibility Of Interior Designers

The job description of an interior designer entails crafting a beautiful space in the interior of a building. They are supposed to make the space as aesthetically pleasing as possible without compromising utility. After all, what use does a beautiful room have if its only purpose is to look nice?

An interior designer does everything from planning and conceptualizing a design to research and programming. Aside from these, they will often work closely with the clients and manage the construction. Before the construction, they may also conduct site inspections, it can be quite challenging at times.

Skills Required For Interior Designers

Since interior design is such a multidisciplinary field, one must have a wide range of knowledge to succeed. These are some of the basic skills that a proficient interior designer must have:

Textiles And Materials
An interior designer should know a lot about textiles and construction materials. Since they will probably manage the construction themselves, this is non-negotiable. One cannot conceptualize the design of a building space if they know nothing about the materials used.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
Knowledge of 2D and 3D computer-aided design is a must for any interior designer, especially now in the digital age. Clients may ask for a digital preview of the design before they move forward with construction. Interior designers should have this skill set instead of outsourcing the task.

Knowledge Of Health And Safety Codes
An experienced interior designer will be familiar with the building codes wherever space will be set up. They have to incorporate the health and safety requirements into their designs before construction even begins.

Fields Related To Interior Design

Interior designers have to work with people from different industries and have a little bit of knowledge in these fields:

Architecture usually deals with the overall structure of a building and the exterior. It is important to have some knowledge of this so that the interior matches the building’s architecture.

Furniture Crafting
Furnishing a space is more closely related to interior decorating. However, an interior designer must keep the client’s overall vision in mind and tailor the design according to that vision. It includes the furniture that will be placed in the space.

Lighting Design
Lighting is such a significant element in interior design. Whether a space has natural light coming in or only artificial light, this can make a world of difference.


Interior designers have both artistic abilities and technical knowledge. It is a multifaceted job that requires a wide range of skill sets to achieve success.

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