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We Need Another Bathroom

We need another bathroom

Second only to the renovation request of "we would like a larger kitchen, let's take down this wall and open the space up and lose the nonfunctioning dining room," comes the "we need a larger or another bathroom in our house, but we have no room," request.

Well, the good news is that maybe you do have the room! In a lot of the homes we work on these days, which were built back in the sixties and seventies or earlier, the rooms, the closets and the bathrooms were relatively small by today's standards. To the untrained eye it may look impossible to enlarge the bathroom or ensuite, but with a little creativity that simply isn't the case.

If you were willing to give up the unused dining room to have the open concept for your now beautifully flowing kitchen, are you not willing to give up that empty spare bedroom full of boxes, unused clothes and papers for your new bathroom?

If you have or can picture the standard floorplan going down the hallway – master on the left, small three-piece bathroom in the middle and standard bedroom on the right. Let's open all this up to create a large master, a large ensuite and a fairly decent walk-in closet by repurposing this space. The enlarged bathroom can then be dual functioning as a main bath from one hallway access point and an ensuite from the master bedroom access point, allowing privacy either way with locking doors.

This flow through design would allow you to walk from the master into the ensuite and then through to the walk-in closet to get dressed. All accomplished by just giving up that unused bedroom! Another great space saving idea, if you’re still limited with this new area and you really want a nice shower and stand-alone tub, is to create what we call a wet area where the soaker tub actually sits inside the shower area. This saves a tremendous amount of space and gives you both features, and it could also be used as a steam bath area, should your budget allow.

The point here is that there are many ways to use square footage and sometimes when you have lived in a space for so long, it’s hard to imagine it any other way. This is just another reason to use a Professional design build firm or a Professional interior designer to open your eyes to the possibilities you have never thought of.

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