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Renovation Team Building

Renovation Team Building

As this is my first column of the new year, let me first wish you all a happy, successful and prosperous New Year. It also happens to be my first column since our Blue Bombers brought home the Grey Cup after a 29-year absence. I was lucky enough to be there for it all, sitting with the players' families, being on field for the trophy presentations and of course, attending the after-party. Proud day to be a Winnipegger!

What I observed during all of this was that great team management had been put into place in order to win. Developing my company has been along the same lines. "Do what you do best and surround yourself with people who do what they do best."

So, as you plan your 2020 and beyond renovation projects, this is the same philosophy you should adopt to move your project forward. While a budget salary cap is always important, build a team around you who really knows what it is doing. Don't let yourself fall into the 'lowest price gets the job' trap, which will give you a last place finish.

Start with a good designer quarterback who should be able to design a project within your budget guidelines and along your project wish-list. As well, an experienced contractor who is familiar with your type of project, who knows how to save you money and build it right is a great defensive line against cost overruns and project issues. And, use special teams' sub-trades that are first round drafted and thoroughly screened and tested for their abilities and attributes.

Once you have this team assembled, the most important thing to do is to sit back and watch them win the game for you. Trust that you have surrounded yourself with the best people, the best products for the money and a design that achieves the goals of all parties involved. Isn't that the definition of a win? Follow these steps and I assure you a championship renovation with money left over to buy the ring.

I am looking forward to writing next issue's column, as I am off next week to one of the largest builders shows in North America, and look forward to reporting back all the great finds and innovations at, let's call it, this year's training camp.

Go Blue!

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