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Giving credit where credit is due

Last month was the 'Oscars' of the renovation world in Manitoba. Many awards were handed out for some exceptional work here in Manitoba as well as for projects that were very successfully competed at the national level in the Canadian Home Builders awards.

As a multiple winner of both these accolades over the years, we are very proud of our awards and the work we do and I know that all our colleagues are proud as well. They typically represent not only the type of projects we do, but also the commitment these companies have to be the best in what they do. They provide outstanding service to our clients in an industry that often seems to get more poor publicity than positive.

It does however occur to me, that although we are the builders of these outstanding spaces, in the end we are merely facilitators of the incredible vision of a professional interior designer. Far too often, these fantastically talented people are not recognized for their skill set and creativity and it's the builders' name that receives the accolades for the project. Not fair!

Unless you are a design build firm with your own in house team designer on staff, all the projects you see should give equal, or greater credit to the independent professional interior designer who worked this project through with their clients, sat through endless meetings going over wish lists and budgets, drawing revisions, playing mediator between couples that didn't quite share the same vision between spaces, and in the end providing a set of documents and plans to the builder to pull off with their skill set and team, the dream of the client and the vision of the designer. I can tell you as someone who has gone through this whole process countless times over the last 35 years that this is no easy task! It requires a basket of skills that very few can pull off effectively and come out in the end with an inspired and creative design.

So I say, hats off and congratulations to all the winners, but especially a huge thank you to the professional designers who provide the creative side of the process which makes us all look good and who continue to provide Manitobans with some of the best renovation projects in the country.

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