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You know that room. We all have one. That one space in our home which, renovation is needed, the right tweak, the right home renovation could become a space we would truly enjoy to the fullest; a room that your renovation would really feel like us and make the home feel like our home. Contact Your Construction Company Today!

Imagine the Possibilities for Your Interior Design and Renovation Team

Your galley kitchen is fashionable.

It's not too cramped and has a nice layout so you can easily flow from fridge to countertop for prep, to stovetop, to sink for cleanup.

And one day, you start to see it. What if that wall was gone? The kitchen would open up to a morning breakfast nook, a French country look with banquette seating, and that much-needed bright Manitoba sunshine pouring in through pristine windows on every side. Click here and visit our gallery to imagine even more possibilities.

  • The scent of lemon and warm vanilla fills the air from the candle next to the bath.
  • The heat of the water melts away the day.
  • The bubbles sip, sizzle, and pop gently around your shoulders.
  • The jetted tub was a perfect choice when you built-pure relaxation.
  • Lying there, now you can envision more.

You envision the sleek and simple line of a granite vanity, with his and hers sinks. You can see the contemporary brushed steel sink, fixtures and hardware, and subtle lighting above each ornately framed mirror. The tile? A bold choice maybe, something with a bit of sparkle, that wraps around the backsplash and down the wall to meet the slate tile floor covered with a throw rug you could really sink your toes into. Someday, you think, maybe. And beyond that corner... a dressing room...

You don't need anyone to plant the seed that you need a home renovation. The truth is, we all have a dream room, a dream home renovation project that is just calling to us, begging us to act on that vision for the office, the kitchen, the bathroom, what have you. When it's the right time to act on that dream, you'll know it.

home renovation winnipeg

Choosing the Right Winnipeg Team for Your Home Renovation

When you're ready, it can be tough to know where to turn, especially in Winnipeg, for luxury home renovations. The perfect gourmet kitchen renovation requires:

  1. A creative vision
  2. Skilled craftsmanship
  3. Experience to do the job right
  4. The flare to achieve the ultimate satisfying space

When you want an amazing space, you also want an amazing experience. It should be a partnership really, and the partnership begins with the interior designer. Your qualified Winnipeg interior designer should be:

  • friendly
  • someone who makes you feel comfortable
  • no-pressure
  • confident
  • creative
  • experienced

They should be someone who understands all the nuances of the Winnipeg home design and construction process, which is why working with a design build firm is ideal. And let us not forget the 'B' word. Although dreams aren't supposed to have things like budgets the reality is even your luxury home renovation in Winnipeg needs to have budget considerations.

High-end home design in Winnipeg is completely attainable. Harwood Design Builders is your personal team of local and top-quality Winnipeg contractors. They are experienced and trained to source luxurious materials to produce the most on-trend looks with the most desirable features.

When your interior designer works actively with a quality design-build company like Harwood, it gives you the right foundation to dream! You can think outside the box and let your imagination run wild, knowing your dream design team has its feet on solid ground.

Harwood is an award-winning custom builder and master renovator because of exactly that scenario. Taking your opulent vision and turning it into your real life dream home in Winnipeg is what they are able to execute every day.

But enough about work. The most important part of a luxury home renovation is making sure it lives up to your dream potential.

So dream! Envision,

  • the gorgeous and bright bay window with reading corner for your little ones,
  • the tile soaker tub with stone detail for after those long days at work,
  • the eat-in kitchen with huge in-island bar for entertainment.

Let it take shape in your mind, and then bring your ideas to a design build company who knows how to navigate the world of designing and constructing dream spaces.

home renovation winnipeg

Do Your Research on Home Renovation Companies in Winnipeg

Do some research before you embark on your luxury home renovation. This will save you from any nightmare renovation scenarios! If you choose an award-winning Winnipeg design builder with a solid reputation for making dreams a reality, your dream is sure to have a happy ending.

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