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Upgrade Your Home's Curb Appeal While Protecting The Exterior

Believe it or not, spring is finally here which is a great time and relief for all of us in Winnipeg, especially with our Jets now in the playoffs!

We have been talking a lot over the winter about kitchens and bathrooms, but as we now move into spring and the outdoor season it's time to take a look at the exterior of our homes from a maintenance perspective, and just as important, is it time to consider a whole new exterior upgrade. After investing all that money on the inside of your home, nothing could be more important than protecting the exterior and the structural integrity of your home and at the same time upgrade the look and curb appeal.

Let's start at the top and first decide if you need a new roof. Next, doors and windows, and I mention these together for two reasons. After your roof there is no greater potential for damage to your home than around windows and doors, so making sure they are installed, flashed and performing properly is of utmost importance. From an aesthetic perspective, these products can substantially improve the look of your home and the colors, types, orientations, sizes, grids, etc. available out there now are limitless. But remember, everything needs to be tied in together for the best looking finish. So, you may want to consider using a professional Designer to help you with all the choices out there. A little money spent on a Designer can go a long way to ensure your finished look is picture perfect.

Now you have to look at the siding on your home and what you can do there. Again, the options available are wide ranging. Do you try and work with what you have or is it time to strip it down and start over, which is something to consider if you also plan on replacing all the windows and doors at this time? If you have an older home, new siding allows the opportunity to clad the entire exterior with rigid insulation which will improve the r-value of your home and tighten up its performance. Stucco, vinyl siding, Hardie Board and longboard are all excellent low maintenance exterior options and all have some very nice looks to them. Years ago I would never have included vinyl siding in this list, but I have to admit, it has come a long way and is now thicker and more impervious to UV ray degrading. When it comes to siding though, I've seen people advise clients that in order to keep costs down, just install the new siding overtop of your existing finish. However, the most important thing I can pass onto you regarding siding is, never let anyone talk you into this decision! Make sure all existing finishes are removed prior to applying your new selection. If you don't, you may be wasting your money because of problems that could develop down the road.

Last note on this. Don't wait too long to make your decisions about upgrading or changing your exterior. Contractor's phones are ringing off the hook these days with everyone wanting to book this type of work. And with the nice weather coming, homeowners want to have the exterior of their home look and be everything they've dreamed of.

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