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Do Laundry Rooms Add Value?

Do Laundry Rooms Add Value

Main floor and second floor laundry rooms are becoming more popular over the past few years. They used to be placed in the basement, but now they are finding their way to the top. It makes sense as a lot of people have no means to travel downstairs to do the chores. Most people are willing to pay for convenience itself, and this is why laundry has its own room now.

Do laundry rooms add value? Yes, and it is ideal if you have multiple floors in your home to invest in a laundry room. Investing in a laundry room will resonate with prospective buyers. It's not too expensive, plus it possibly could seal the deal when selling.

In this short read, you will have an understanding of how to add value to your laundry room. It will help you with future market value, and it's a good investment.

Adding Value to Your Laundry Room

Most people don't pay attention to their laundry rooms when it comes to decoration or minor renovations. But it is the most common room people use all the time. The laundry room is essential for potential buyers because it can be the deal-maker.

It is a must-have room nowadays. Here are some tips to help you seal the deal and add value to your laundry room:

Bench Is Best

Having a laundry room has its perks, and adding a gorgeous bench will be perfect if you have space. It will be helpful to larger families so they can have a place to sit, sort, fold, or wash.

Create Space

In laundry rooms, space is vital as it can get pretty busy in here. No one likes a crammed tight space while you try to fold clothes and bedsheets. Yes, space can be hard to find; this is why space-saving ideas are perfect.

For instance, you can place the washing machine or dryer on a pedestal so you can save the floor space. You can also install some sturdy hooks so you can hang laundry bags and baskets.

Storage Solutions Rule

Storage is essential in the laundry room because you want to store items like detergents, scrubbers, irons, and house cleaning products.

It will add more value to the room if you can have some cabinets and cupboards around the appliances. The more storage you have in your laundry room, the better.

Hide and Seek

It can feel a little suffocating if you have a tiny laundry room and have all these laundry baskets and ironing boards exposed. Think of adding some hideaway storage for these items. It can be either a pull-out drawer or a wall-mounted ironing board.


Overall, laundry rooms are a worthwhile investment. Many prospective buyers see this type of inclusion in the property as beneficial. It would help if you create or renovate this room to improve it's functionality and add value to your home.

Even if you break even on cost, you will attract different potential buyers when you want to sell your home.

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