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Harwood, we've been following your work in this magazine and love the projects you've showcased. My wife and I have recently purchased a 1980's condo on Wellington Crescent that needs to be remodeled before we move in. We understand that condominium renovations offer different challenges than a house and we'd appreciate your input on how to make our new space feel like home. What would be your top recommendations? - Karl & Geraldine


Thank you for the kind words. In a building such as this one, where the walls and ceilings are made of concrete, it is true that relocating plumbing and electrical can be a bit trickier. Creating visual interest with bulkheads is a great solution to accommodate wires, ductwork and potlights without compromising the overall height of the room. One of my main priorities is to get some natural light in this dark kitchen, which is achieved by tearing down the shared living room walls. The main advantages of this revised floor plan include a generous walk in pantry, open desk area for miscellaneous papers as well as the laundry center flipped around and located in the main bathroom instead of the hallway.

Award Winning Home

Warm chocolate and honey stained cabinets are a cozy counterpoint to the smoky glass pendants and sleek chrome hardware. Although some perceive it as "trending", the two-tone millwork combination works well in this open concept because it provides consistency throughout the kitchen and living room while avoiding an overly monochromatic palette. The value of layered lighting can never be overlooked as it plays an equally significant role in terms of functionality and ambiance.

We certainly didn't let site specific limitations, like the dimensions of the elevator for example, stop us from keeping the three by eight foot solid surface island counter in one seamless piece... it just encouraged us to think creatively and have it craned up over the balcony!

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