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Are Home Builders Able to Operate?

Winnipeg Builders Operating

At the time I wrote my last column, we were getting an idea of what was to come. Fast forward to today, where we are well aware of the changes in our world and so much else in our lives. 'The new normal' is a term we are all getting used to hearing.

So then, how does 'the new normal' affect the building and renovation world? It's likely that since you've been spending all this time at home, you have noticed some things you would like to change or remodel. It could be that working from home and the efficiencies of that condition has you looking at repurposing some areas of your home or building an addition for a more private home office space. Perhaps it just became more evident that additional space was needed for your family and lifestyle or maybe a suite addition for elderly parents to live with you, but privately. That particular project has really grown in popularity over the last few years.

Your next questions would be, 'how can I get that done? Are the good qualified professional renovators and builders out there working and able to operate?' The good news for you is, 'yes, we are!' We were fortunate in Manitoba that construction was able to continue, albeit under a complete new set of standards and protocols, but for the most part have been able to continue to plan projects and start new builds and renovations. Material supply chains have also not presented much of a problem either, keeping projects on schedule as much as possible. For a time, permits and inspections looked problematic and inspections could only be carried out in new builds or unoccupied homes where renovations were taking place. However, the City of Winnipeg has done a fantastic job developing a system where we can work with them by using video inspections. I have to say, I am really impressed by this initiative and the city for doing its best to help us operate so that your projects can continue.

So then, do not fear initiating your project. Most of us are operating but down in volume as scheduled projects were put on hold. That means that this is a great time to get in the queue for design work and on the schedule for builds.

I want to close by saying how through a once in a generation worldwide pandemic, the humanity and sense of community we are experiencing in Winnipeg and across the country makes me so proud to be Canadian. And, my hope is that we can continue this on the other side as it's apparent it's all within us.

Stay well.


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