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Unscrupulous Reno Firms

Unscrupulous Reno Firms – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

Wayne Sage points out some of the "too good to be true flags" you should look for to avoid the following tragic situation ... Read More
River's Edge Renovation Article

River's Edge Revival – Canadian Contractor Magazine

This project in Winnipeg started out as an interior renovation of a 1960s era bungalow. It ended up being a major structural rebuild ... Read More
Custom Builder - Looking to Next Year

Winnipeg Custom Builder - Looking to Next Year – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

The time to start planning is now! It may seem like there's lot of time and you can put it off longer, but fall is the perfect time for planning any renovations you may want to do in 2019 ... Read More
Interior Designer Credit

Credit to Interior Designers – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

Although we are the builders of these outstanding spaces, in the end we are merely facilitators of the incredible vision of a professional interior designer ... Read More
Exterior Finishes for the Home

Home Exterior Finishes – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

As we now move into spring and the outdoor season it's time to take a look at the exterior of our homes from a maintenance perspective, and just as important, is it time to ... Read More
Where to begin your reno project

Where to Begin Your Reno Project – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

If you are like many of my clients, you spent some time over holidays discussing the renovation you would like to do to some or all of your home, and many of you may have even decided to ... Read More
Taking Time to Plan Article

Taking Time to Plan Your Kitchen – Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

Looking back on their newly renovated kitchen and mudroom in their century old Crescentwood home, Elizabeth and Allan are glad they took their time in the planning and research stage ... Read More

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Consumer Information

Your Luxury Home in Winnipeg Awaits

Luxury Home Renovations in Winnipeg: Realizing It's Time

You know that room. We all have one. That one space in our home which, with the right feature, the right tweak, the right renovation... Read More
Make Your Gourmet Kitchen a Reality

3 Ingredients for a Successful Winnipeg Gourmet Kitchen Renovation

Mixed wood or high-gloss painted cabinets, reclaimed brick or tin-look copper vinyl backsplash, brushed steel or satin hardware... Read More
Finally the spa bathroom you deserve

The Winnipeg Bathroom Evolution: From "Blah" to "Spa"

Bathrooms have come a long way. Once considered an out-of-the-way necessity, many people now consider... Read More

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