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Your Luxury Home in Winnipeg Awaits

Luxury Home Renovations in Winnipeg: Realizing It's Time

You know that room. We all have one. That one space in our home which, with the right feature, the right tweak, the right renovation... Read More
Make Your Gourmet Kitchen a Reality

3 Ingredients for a Successful Winnipeg Gourmet Kitchen Renovation

Mixed wood or high-gloss painted cabinets, reclaimed brick or tin-look copper vinyl backsplash, brushed steel or satin hardware... Read More
Finally the spa bathroom you deserve

The Winnipeg Bathroom Evolution: From "Blah" to "Spa"

Bathrooms have come a long way. Once considered an out-of-the-way necessity, many people now consider... Read More
Winnipeg Kitchen Design

Interior Design Questions to Consider When Planning Your Winnipeg Kitchen

Planning the construction, renovation and interior design of any part of your Winnipeg home is important, but your kitchen is often a... Read More
Winnipeg Renovator

Award Winnipeg Winnipeg Renovator Provides His 7 Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Renovation

Wayne Sage, owner of Harwood Design Builders, is an award winning Winnipeg Renovator whoís been around the renovations block a few... Read More
design build winnipeg

What Are Advantages to Using A Design/Build
Company in Winnipeg?

In the home construction and renovation industry Design/Build continues to grow in popularity. So, what is it and why would... Read More
interior designer winnipeg

How to Select an Interior Designer in Winnipeg for
Your Design Build Project

Designing, redesigning or renovating your home or office involves an investment of time, money and effort and you certainly... Read More
renovator winnipeg

4 Tips for a Stress Free Experience with Your
Winnipeg Renovation Contractor

Renovating your home doesnít have to be a stressful venture filled with budget concerns, disagreements with your contractor... Read More
renovator winnipeg

3 Tips from a Certified Master Home Renovator in Winnipeg

Congratulations, youíve chosen to renovate your home! As you embark on the process to hire a renovator in Winnipeg Iím sure youíve talked to many friends and relatives eager to tell... Read More
winnipeg bathroom renovation

You Deserve a Winnipeg Bathroom Renovation

According to, the average person who lives to the age of 75 spends 1 year and 7 months in the bathroom during their lifetime. Thatís a significant number of minutes... Read More
using unique materials for your renovation

Using Unique Materials for Your Renovation

Using unique materials for your renovation is becoming an increasingly popular way to achieve a distinct, signature look in home renovations. While the options are endless... Read More
Questions About Your Home Renovation

Asking the Right Questions About Your Home Renovation

Knowing what to ask and when to ask it will help ensure you make a smart, informed decision when deciding who to hire for your next renovation project. Asking the right questions about your home renovation... Read More
the right home renovation company

Choosing The Right Home Renovation Company

Perhaps one of the most crucial decisions to make when deciding to do a renovation is choosing the right home renovation company that will to get the job done. Several things... Read More
The Top 4 Bathroom Renovation Must Haves

The Top 4 Must Haves in Your Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation can be a great way to add comfort and value to your home. The top 4 bathroom renovation must haves to include in your Winnipeg home renovation project... Read More
Functional Home Addition

Expand Your Living Space With a Functional Home Addition

Whether expanding upwards or outwards, a functional home addition is an ideal way to add space, style and function to your existing home. Home renovations are a necessity... Read More
 Basement Renovation

5 Important Basement Renovation Things to Consider

A basement renovations is undoubtedly one of the best ways to add additional living space and value to your existing home. However with the endless options available today... Read More
Stress Free Kitchen Renovation

3 Tips for a Stress Free Kitchen Renovation

Ensuring all agreements for your stress free kitchen renovation are in writing will significantly reduce stress. Having peace of mind that your investment is protected and expectations... Read More
Top 3 Home Renovation Projects

Top 3 Home Renovation Projects

Whether preparing your home for resale or making it more livable for your changing needs, home renovation projects will become a near necessity for most of us at some point... Read More

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