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Home Renovation Timelines
Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

The process of building a new home is quite straightforward when compared to the renovation process. The complexities of a major renovation require a vast amount of knowledge and experience ... Read More

Home Renovation Timelines
Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

After ‘how much will it cost’ and ‘do you do free estimates’ (which we will address in future articles), the next biggest questions I am asked are ‘how long will it take’ and ‘when can you start?’ ... Read More
Cash Deal Contractor

The Cash Deal Contractor
Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

We hear about this all the time in the renovation industry and after 40 years of being in the business I still don’t understand what the attraction of the cash deal is to the consumer ...Read More
Project Proper Planning

Proper Project Planning
Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

Someone Recently asked me how long I had been a builder and doing home renovations and when the answer came ...Read More
Award Winnipeg Home

Award Winning and Life Enhancing
Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

Harwood Design Builders continues to rack up industry awards for excellence in home renovations bestowed by the Manitoba Home Builders Association. For 2015, among its other three... Read More
Winnipeg Interior Design

Reno Q & A with Genevičve Joyal
Home Décor and Renovations Magazine

My wife and I have recently purchased a 1980’s condo on Wellington Crescent that needs to be remodeled before we move in. We understand that condominium renovations offer different challenges... Read More

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Your Luxury Home in Winnipeg Awaits

Luxury Home Renovations in Winnipeg: Realizing It's Time

You know that room. We all have one. That one space in our home which, with the right feature, the right tweak, the right renovation... Read More
Make Your Gourmet Kitchen a Reality

3 Ingredients for a Successful Winnipeg Gourmet Kitchen Renovation

Mixed wood or high-gloss painted cabinets, reclaimed brick or tin-look copper vinyl backsplash, brushed steel or satin hardware... Read More
Finally the spa bathroom you deserve

The Winnipeg Bathroom Evolution: From "Blah" to "Spa"

Bathrooms have come a long way. Once considered an out-of-the-way necessity, many people now consider... Read More

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